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About us

LASERINK is a family business with a retail unit that supplies both the Public, Schools, the NHS and Companies nationwide. We provide a very friendly & efficient service and can offer you advice on all your printing & office needs.

Our mission is to provide  ‘Low Cost, High Value, Best Customer Experience’. We aim to provide the best service, the best prices and the best products available for all your printing needs.

At  LASERINK we are able to help your company or school reduce its carbon footprint as well as saving costs. It can take over 400 years for laser and ink cartridges to decompose and even then they may not breakdown to safe compounds.  We aim to reduce the amount of used toner and inkjets cartridges that come from printers, fax machines and photocopiers being dumped on landfill sites.

LASERINK aim to keep our customers happy and we go out of our way to ensure this is the case.


We have saved companies hundreds to thousands of pounds each year - with savings such as this it can make a considerable difference to budgets


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